Hello from the faces behind ExploreMaps!

Priyadarshini Majumdar
Co-Founder / CE0

Explorer. Seeker. Avid conversationalist. Story teller. Sent an experiment to the International Space Station. Currently binge reading books written before she was born.

Michelle Loke
Co-Founder / CMO
Globetrotter. Bookworm. Fashion enthusiast. Aesthetic seeker. Loves dancing, having deep conversations and breaking a sweat with a great kickboxing session.
Full Stack-Developer & UX/UI Designer

Photographer. Ice-swimming enthusiast. Heavy-lifting ninja. Digital Nomad. Little Miss Sunshine.

Software Engineer Intern
Perfectionist. Avid sports lover. Hosted a comedy roast in his college. Probably on a beach somewhere coding his next startup idea.
Software Engineer + Digital Marketing Intern
Coder. Musician. Esports fan. Loves messing around in the kitchen creating weird and interesting foods. Enjoys philosophical conversations. Spends too much time on Reddit.
Software Engineer Intern
Google Local Guide Expert. Anime Artist. Japanese & English music lover. Stackoverflow wizard. Diary of Wimpy Kid aficionado. Infinitively curious introvert. Loves coding, binge-watching anime and reading world history
Digital Marketing Intern

Spanish pop lover. Bullet journal enthusiast. Obsessed with home renovation videos on youtube. Set a goal to read 52 books this year. Loves all things art.

Market Intelligence Analyst
Foodie. Gym addict. Artist. Theater enthusiast. Travel gadgets geek. Trekked 12,000 ft Himalayan range. New found passion for piano.
Technology Advisor
Coder. Hacker. Problem Solver. Bookworm. Writer. Boardgame nerd. Aspiring philanthropist. Love me a good puzzle anyday.

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